Not bad for a white guy

“Not bad for a guailo,” she said.

I looked curiously up from my meal.

“A what?” I responded.

“Not bad for a white guy.”

She was referring to my use of chopsticks.

Showing off, I gracefully grabbed a single piece of rice with my chopsticks, smiled, and continued eating.

My first excursion to Hong Kong was proving… interesting.

“I have something to tell you,” she coquettishly continued.

“I’m Irish!” she then said as she produced a dark green Irish passport and passed it across the table.

“Funny, you don’t look Irish…”

Her Asian eyes smiled back at me and she tossed her jet-black hair to one side.

“My parents didn’t trust what might happen to Hong Kong after the handover. You can never trust the Communists. We want to be ready in case things don’t work out. So we naturalized in Ireland as a precaution if we need to leave.”

(I was remembering this vignette as current troubles in Hong Kong have been making the news the past few months.)

Smart move on their part.

Because you just never know what might happen.

You can’t always control circumstances.

You can only be prepared and control your response.

It’s the very same for you now.

Forces beyond your control might force you out of your job.

Might crush your retirement account.

Or might end your so-called “safe and secure” paycheck.

And then what?

Do you have a fallback plan?

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