Non-Implementation Frustration

I get really frustrated by my real estate coaching students who don’t implement what I teach them.

Because I know it works.

And I want it to work for them.

But it doesn’t happen without putting in some EFFORT and consistent ACTION applied over time.

That’s just the facts of life.

So part of my money-back guarantee has my real estate coaching students do weekly progress reports to show their efforts and progress towards the goals I set for them.

If they do what I say and it doesn’t work, then I refund their tuition money completely.

I can make this kind of bold guarantee because I know if they do what I say and implement the strategies I teach them, then they will get real estate deals that make great profits.

So does everyone do it?


It’s a shame, but that’s also just a fact of life — some people just let life get in the way and never really get down to following my system properly.

The main excuses used?

— Getting caught up in their day-job and not making even that small amount of extra time needed to devote to their own real estate investing business;

— Family & friend pressures. Namely that the family & friends don’t believe in them or what they’re trying to do;

— Pure fear of being on their own financially (and perhaps an underlying fear of actual success – change can be scary);

— Procrastination. Waiting for everything to be “just right” (it never is – get over it!);

— Simply not bothering to implement anything, no matter how much I poke and prod. (This used to keep me up at night, but now I rest easy because I know I’ve done all I can — You can lead a horse to water… But I can’t force it to drink!)

These all can be overcome if you really want to.

It’s a matter of focus and commitment.

You need to have both to succeed.

If you are ready to commit to making it happen, then I’ll give you a simple, structured, and step-by-step system to focus on.

Then, when you implement the steps, with my hand-holding and guidance, it will work for you too.

Implement by going here:

Tom Zeeb
Traction Real Estate Mentors

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