No bozos allowed


I received this message from a marketing “expert”:

“Tom, You really shouldn’t cover such deep topics in your messages. Avoid anything controversial like politics. Keep everything super light. You are talking above people’s level. The people in your market don’t understand or want to hear deep thoughts on complicated subjects. They don’t want to think, they just want you to tell them how to get rich.”

I had a t-shirt as a kid with a picture of a clown on it behind a red X that said “no bozos allowed”.

That’s how I treat my people.

I keep the bozos out so the good kids can play.

Yes, my messages are thought provoking.

Yes, they are designed to make you think.

If you have no brain and can’t be bothered to think or be challenged, then there are plenty of other groups and programs out there, both locally and nationwide, that you’ll be much happier with.


They’ll happily take your money.

And you’ll get jack in return.

But not with me.

I want your informed choice to follow me.

I want you to think critically.

I want you to be motivated by, and for, the right reasons.

Then, and only then, will you achieve lasting success using the systems and frameworks I give to you.

Old fashioned?


But exactly what you need to make the moves you need to make going forward.

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Bozos need not apply.

Tom Zeeb
Traction Real Estate Mentors