New monsters who haunt your deals

Halloween is tricky this year, as everyone is already wearing masks…

There are now 7 types of real estate business monsters that lurk out there in the dark and dreary corners of the investing world.

When you encounter any of these 7 nefarious creatures, you have 2 choices:

A. Run for the hills,
B. Put a clove of garlic around your neck, grab a pitchfork, rally the villagers, and fight to the death!


This villain promises the moon and the stars for a good price and in an appropriate timeframe.

But once they start working it’s like sunrise will never come.

Nothing gets done right.

Nothing gets done according to schedule.

And nothing gets done to budget.

They suck your time away, and suck your profits dry.


Like the walking dead, these monsters infest your rental units and then wreak havoc.

They never pay on time.

They destroy your property.

They look and act drugged out (and probably are!)

And they are nearly impossible to get rid of (even if you try to get the courts involved!)

They always have an excuse.

And they feed off of any glimmer of niceness or compassion that you show to them.

Be afraid.

Be very afraid.


This swashbuckling character sails in when you aren’t looking and tries to steal your deal by going to the seller directly.

Be sure you have it under contract first to keep control, otherwise this peg-leg and parrot will make you walk the plank.


Many real estate investors have marketing “plans” that look like a Frankenstein.

All different pieces patched together from different “sources”.

Nothing matching.

Nothing flowing.

Nothing built on the previous elements.

No coherent overall theme or direction.

A total and complete mess.

An UGLY mess.

No wonder it doesn’t generate any deals.


These “experts” are out to kill your deals.

They find every excuse to point out the warts and wrinkles of every deal you attempt.

Even if their fears are easily disprovable.

They think THEIR recipe is the only one that produces the magic brew of profits.

But they’ve been trained to look only on the dark side of a deal, rather than finding solutions to cook the brew right to be sure you don’t get poisoned.


These ghoulish gremlins usually take the form of family or friends.

They’re people who don’t see the same vision that you see.

They don’t see the lifestyle you want.

And they don’t see the ability you have to profit massively from doing real estate deals.

They only see the risks.

And they persuade you to crawl back to a “safe and secure” job rather than pursuing your entrepreneurial dreams.

And that’s just plain bone-headed.



This one is actually real.

And is legitimately wreaking havoc across the nation and around the world.

And as a result of locking people down and trying to ‘protect’ them, businesses are getting shut down, individuals are going broke, and both are getting into massive $-trouble they’ll never recover from, and the Tenant-Zombies mentioned above are having a heyday.

No one seems safe.

And waiting for an antidote may not be practical.

Time to rise up and face the fear!

To be continued…

So be careful if you run into any of these Halloween real estate investing monsters.

The best defense will be a good offense.

I’ll teach you how to survive at my 3-Day Rapid Cash Generator Implementation Bootcamp starting NEXT WEEK on November 6th to 8th.

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Tom Zeeb
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