The hay in the needlestack

Do you really need the haystack to find the needle?

What if someone cut to the chase and got right to the point?

(the “needle point” shall we say…)

If you didn’t have to sort through all the fluff to find your answer, would that make getting going on the real meat & potatoes easier?

Survey says…


That’s why we skipped the haystack and made it a “needlestack” instead.


there are 5 major areas to real estate investing:

1. Rehabbing
2. Buy-and-hold rentals
3. Wholesaling (Rapid Cash Generation)
4. Notes (paper investing)
5. Commercial

This month we are deep diving into #1 and #2.

So rather than sit and stare at the haystack wondering where and how to start and being discouraged at the whole undertaking, just focus in on the needle.

We’ve already done the sorting for you at Traction REIA, so now you can just steam in and find the needle that is right for you.

Robyn Thompson has the rehabbing and buy-and-hold rental needles that you need.

And she knows how to break it all down so you can understand her straight-forward approach, sew it up tight, and mimic it for your own success.

Join us TONIGHT and also come spend two (2) days with Traction and Robyn at our special doubleheader training event and watch what it does for you.

Get the right wealth-building needle for you here:

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