My view on the Eviction Moratorium

“Tom, what’s your take on the eviction moratorium being reissued?”


They put it back in at the last minute.

Even after being told it is not legal.

And using a part of the government that is inappropriate, as they don’t have any proper control over rental properties.

So much for the Supreme Court, so much for the rule of law. (But at least they had their day in court…)

I guess nothing really matters anymore.

They’ll just do whatever they want.

Last time I was at the National Archives, I was starkly reminded that the Constitution was just a piece of paper. (Or parchment to be more accurate).

Just words on paper.

And if people aren’t going to respect and follow those words, then what’s the point?

I always wondered what would happen if everyone just did whatever they wanted.

— Would it be like the island in “Lord of the Flies”?
— Or more like “Mad Max” before or beyond Thunderdome?

Dystopian either way.

Just like people stealing form their landlords by not paying rent.

Yes, I see non-payment of rent as theft.

I’m sure some people have a big excuse, but they are still taking value from someone else and not providing anything in return.

That’s stealing.

And it isn’t right.

The government shouldn’t be condoning it.

Private property owners are getting hammered.
(Perhaps there’s a bigger goal in mind…)

If you walked into the corner store and stole a pack of gum, they’d go after you and arrest you for stealing.

At least they used to.

Now it seems many places think petty theft should be ignored as well.

Dystopian indeed.

Everywhere I look I see Matrix code, but I’m told to ignore it, as it doesn’t really exist. Take another blue pill and go back to sleep. (They keep adding yet another extra dose…)


Even if everything is crazy, backwards, and upside-down, there is one thing I can always count on…


My skill set.

My drive and determination.

That’s what ensures a chance of survival.

Yet so few people focus on themselves, their skillset, and their mindset.

That’s why I focus so much on it with students at my Implementation Bootcamp. Because the core skills are something that stay with you no matter what happens in this crazy world.

And I want my students to learn, harness, and master these core elements.

For a quick intro to my core skills and philosophy, grab a copy of my Best-Selling book “How to Correctly Flip Houses for a Profit”

Be ready for whatever is coming:

Tom Zeeb
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