My problems with charitable giving

This will no doubt come across as a bit salty at first, but hear me out.

Many years ago, one of my students, Michael Blank, challenged me to make a donation a charity based on the proceeds of a deal we had done together.

He was on the board of this charity, so I asked for more info, as I tend to be very picky about charities.

So picky, that I usually just say NO, as I can’t stand when I see charities burning up the donations they get on fancy offices and operating expenses — or worse — on then giving money to other charities, often whom “support” the polar opposite of what I would give to. (This happens far more than you would think.)


What Michael showed me was flat-out terrific.


Because this group was actually solving a problem in a business-minded entrepreneurial perspective.

This solved the old saw about “teaching a man to fish” verses just giving away fish and creating an endless dependency on the fish-givers.

Instead what I saw was exactly what actually works:

* TEACH them how to fish.
* Stabilize and train them in work and life skills.
* Get them into housing
* Get them jobs so they can become independent & buy their house
* Provide for them with caring
* But all with a clock ticking.

And by the time that clock runs out, they have to be able to take care of themselves on their own.

The results are stunning.

I was impressed with their setup.
I was impressed with their results.
And I was impressed with their director, Chris Fay.

Chris isn’t the type to take your money and drive around in a limo. Overhead is kept to a bare minimum (like I said, this is something that always irks me about “charities”) and Chris runs a lean but super-effective organization that gets massive results.

Just like Traction teaches you how to do in your own real estate investing business.

It was a perfect match.

Which is why we are again very happy to do a special Christmas appeal for donations. 100% of what you give goes directly to them. And Carolina and I will match it as well.

The group is called Homestretch.

They’re awesome.

And their system works and makes a major –and actually measurable — impact.

We’ve supported them every year now. They have brought many of their successful clients to our Traction REIA events to share their stories in person.

This year we are doing an online appeal.

Here’s the offer:

Donate at least $20 (the more the merrier!) to Homestretch at the link below and forward me your receipt, I will send you a digital download bonus package containing 7 great bonuses.

7 audio trainings:
1. “The Workflow Maximizer” — focusing on what needs to be done, and what doesn’t
2. “When people think you’re nuts for going into real estate investing on your own”
3. “Entrepreneurial Foolishness” — how to avoid being pulled too many different directions & ignoring the fakeness of social media
4. “Viewing Real Estate Investing as a movement”
5. “Are you the Underdog in Real Estate Investing?”
6. “Side Hustle or Burn the Ships” — Lessons from 2 random people about going off on your own in business
7. “Double Your Wholesale Profits by Avoiding the IRS Dealer Drain”

The items sold separately are worth $679.

It’s well-worth a small tax-deductible donation.

And we’re going to match your donation too.

Here’s all you have to do:
STEP 1. — Go here:

STEP 2. — Click on the green button labeled “Donate” on the top menu and make a donation of at least $20 & in the comments box please enter “Traction”.

STEP 3. — Forward me your receipt when you’re done to get your bonus.

Do that and the bonus package is yours to enjoy.

Remember that if you’re a government worker, you can donate through the Combined Federal Campaign (CFC) as well.

Many thanks,
Tom Zeeb
Traction REIA
Traction Real Estate Mentors

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