My business isn’t for you

Do I recommend real estate investing for everybody?

Quite simply:

I don’t recommend real estate investing for most people.

* Most people are lazy.
* Most people aren’t going to do anything.
* Most people aren’t going to follow through with what they have to do, when they have to do it.
* Most people aren’t gonna stick with it when the times get tough.
* Most people just look for their ‘steady’ paycheck and ‘secure’ benefits.
* Most people will just cry that it didn’t magically happen just because they got suckered into buying an over-priced coaching program.

Because at the end of the day, being in business for yourself is the best thing in the world, but yes, it takes a little while to get to that point.

And that journey from where you are today until you get to that point is the journey most people can’t handle.

Because it’s harsh,
and flat out just hard going with no guarantee in sight.

Maybe that’s a shame.

Maybe it’s not.

Maybe it’s that way to restrict the number of people that ever do actually get to their goals.

So I know you want the lifestyle, and the benefits, and the money, and all the other good stuff.

But are you really willing to do what it takes to get there?

Because it’s really easy to just WANT something — but it’s a whole other story to actually go through the motions to slog it out, get kicked in the teeth again and again, and yet still keep fighting when all the odds are against you, until you finally get to your goal.

Am I saying this to discourage you?

For many of you, yes.

And that means I’ve done you a favor, because finally giving up an empty dream, one that you have no chance of pursuing, is actually holding you back. So now you’re set free and you go move on to whatever it is you think you need to be doing now.

Remember, it’s not that you can’t, it’s that you won’t.

But some people are also going to totally understand what I am saying, realize they are up for the challenge, and this will finally light the fire under your feet to go and make it happen, once and for all.

If that’s you, I might be able to help you.

Take a look at the link below,
read every word,
give it a good long think,
then click reply to this message and let me know if you want to talk about it more.

But you have to be willing to take action.

And take that action consistently over time.

Otherwise you’re wasting both of our times. And that I have no patience for.

Still here?

OK then, here’s the link. But don’t say I didn’t warn you.


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Tom Zeeb
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