Getting your foot on the property ladder

The “property ladder” is a phrase my British friends use.

It describes investing in property so that you can ride up the increase of value over time.

Which is exactly what buy-and-hold investors do.

Is it really like a ladder?

Do you always move up a rung just because you jumped on?

The answer:
Yes, it can be.

But you need to have more of a plan than that.

Because things can, and do, go wrong.

So while it is good to be on a ladder, you don’t want to misplace your foot, fall off, and break your skull open.

Which is exactly what many landlords and property owners do… (figuratively, not literally!)

So how do you climb the ladder and not get hurt?

You need a coherent plan to do things right.

Owning apartment buildings is a great way to do it right.


* They appreciate just by improving the property or raising the rents. Both of which you control (in addition to the overall area and economy improving).

* If you have a vacancy in one unit, you still have the other units providing cashflow, so all your eggs aren’t in just one basket (like with a single family house).

* With larger buildings you tend to hire a property manager and resist the temptation to try and manage it yourself (a big mistake that destroys your lifestyle).

* When you have the significant cashflow that an apartment building provides, you are able to retire early, live life on your own terms, and achieve the lifestyle you’ve been craving.


Want to learn how?

On June 28th & 30th Anthony Chara will be at Traction REIA teaching you How to Grow Your Wealth with Apartment Buildings & Multi-Units.

Anthony owns multiple apartment buildings and he knows what he’s doing.

And — super important for you — ┬áhe knows how to teach it so that you’ll understand it too.

RSVP for the main meeting & lock-in your seat now for the Saturday training (This is going to be a full house):

“Growing your Wealth with Apartment Buildings & Multi-Units!”
Thursday June 28th.
RSVP now at:

“How to Grow Your Wealth with Apartment Buildings & Multi-Units” Training Intensive
Saturday June 30th
Register now at:

Tom Zeeb
Traction Real Estate Mentors

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