It’s okay to let the money motivate you

Let me tell you a story…

I was walking with my new baby boy and pushing the stroller along happily.

We cut through a parking lot to make a quick run into a store.

There was a guy putting advertising flyers on all the cars.

When we walked by he was swooning over a gorgeous red shiny luxury sports car that was clearly beyond his capacity to purchase.

A girl walked by and said to him “Oh you love that one don’t you?”

He said simply, “Yes. Yes I do.”

And she snidely said, “Well that ain’t gonna happen now is it?”

He paused and looked up at her.

“It’s okay let the money motivate you” he responded flatly.

Then he pointed at the car he owns currently.

It was nothing special, but it was newish, and it was very well maintained.

Lovingly maintained.

And you could tell that he was proud of it.

Then he said to her:
“Hey look, a couple years ago I couldn’t even afford that. But I let the money motivate me. And I’ve made everything about my life better. So who knows? In a couple years I might be able to afford this car. Because I’m just gonna let the money motivate me.”

I smiled.

There’s so much nonsense out there these days about hating money, hating rich people, or just thinking that it’s somehow wrong to want to better oneself financially.

Too many people falsely believe that wealth is something only other people can have.

Or worse, that having that wealth somehow inherently makes them bad people.

The truth of the matter is that is far from correct.

What makes a person good or bad is what’s inside of them.

Not how rich or poor they are.

The money they have, and the wealth that they are able to create and produce, simply lets them be who they actually are inside.

So when I see somebody who is quite simply letting the money:
* motivate him to improve his life,
* motivate him to improve his situation, and
* motivate him to be able to do more and to become a true functioning part of society…

I like that.

I respect that.

I want more people to think like that.

Because when everyone takes care of themselves and works towards their true potential, then their life is exponentially better, as well as the lives of all those around them that they touch and influence.

So let the money motivate you.

It’s okay.

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