Captain Obvious to the rescue

Most people don’t succeed because they miss the obvious.

It’s right there in front of them, but…

…they still miss it every time.

So it keeps holding them back.

I’m often called “Captain Obvious” because I’m always pointing out what *should* be obvious.

Why would you pay to have the obvious pointed out to you?

Because you simply didn’t see it on its own.

And missing it is why you haven’t moved ahead.

So you need me to point out the obvious.

Otherwise you’ll stay stuck at the starting line.



And missing all the potential profits.

Think you’re alone?


My business coaches have done the same for me. They’ve pointed out things that I should have seen or known on my own.

Yet I didn’t.

Just how do you place a value on this?

It’s worth everything!

Because if you continue to miss it, then you’ll continue to not be successful.

So get focused.

And get someone to point out what needs to be done.

Even if it is *obvious*.

Because if you miss this, you miss everything.

Sure, you might think you know the right answers.

But then why haven’t you achieved success yet?

Because YOUR answers are not MY answers.

And you need MY answers.

Even if they are obvious half the time.

(It it’s sooooo obvious, then why did you miss it?)

So stop thinking you’re going to do it all on your own.

Nobody does anything all on their own. (Look around… that should be obvious too.)

So stop treading water.

Let’s get started before any more time is wasted.

It’s your future.

Sign-up for your turn with Captain Obvious here:

Tom Zeeb
Traction Real Estate Mentors

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