Max your rentals with AirBNB

What can AirBNB do for you as a rental property owner investor?

It can double your rental income without tenants.

Are you tired of tenants and toilets?
(or scared to start because of them?)

Learn just how simple it is to start your own vacation rental business.
(especially great in a popular tourist area like ours!)

At Traction REIA this week you will learn:
#1 — How to control properties with the lowest risk and investment.
#2 — How easy it is to double your rental income with less work.
#3 — Decide whether a Bed and Breakfast or a Whole House Vacation Rental works best for you.
#4 — How to pick the perfect location for a vacation rental – Hint: the rules have changed! You will be surprised how easy this is now.
#5 — Learn the formula to calculate for yourself how much money you can really make with vacation rentals.
#6 — Eliminate all of your worries with the “Trifecta of Safety” which insures your investment and protects you from damages, theft, or vandalism.
#7 — Learn the importance of the difference between “renting to tenants” and “hosting guests”.
#8 — How to simplify the guest screening process from days to a matter of minutes.

Learn all this and more with Duncan Wierman this week at Traction REIA:

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Traction Real Estate Mentors