Make a Quick $10k with Commercial Referrals

At this Saturday’s “How to Make Big $ with small storage facilities” masterclass at Traction REIA, Scott Meyers is going to share a way for you to make a quick $10,000 finder’s fee by referring small (and large) commercial properties directly to him.


Because this is a great region for self-storage, and he wants to find more properties in this area.


Lenders and owners are looking to “dump” thousands of these properties nationwide, for a fraction of their market value.

Scott has been cashing in on these overlooked Bargains. And he wants to show you how to find them and flip them to him.

He’ll train you on what to look for, so all you have to do is find the deals and refer them over.

Then you get a paid a finder’s fee of $10,000 once he closes the Deal!

(Or you can keep the deal for yourself. He’ll show you how to do that too.)

Scott will tell you more about it on Saturday:

Get your seat here while there’s still time:

Tom Zeeb

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