Something you can’t do the day after…

It one of those things you don’t pay much attention to until it’s too late.



You get burned.



#1:  Once the year’s gone, its gone.  (And now are the final days to plan your 2017 taxes.)
— or —
#2:  You didn’t have your corporate structure properly in place and with ALL the proper paperwork done correctly, and then you get hit with a lawsuit or audit.

It’s too late after the fact (when you need it most).

So the only way to do it right, is to do it in advance of needing it.

Sure, you *hope* to never be challenged and to never need to use the protection your LLC affords you, but…

Things happen.

Life gets in the way.

People sue you.

The IRS audits you.

So it is MUCH cheaper in the long run to be prepared WAAAAAY in advance.

Like now.

It’s a complex topic, but Bill Noll, tax attorney & CPA, will break it down so you understand it clearly.

Carve out the time to be at these events.

Because it is well worth it.

(And it just might save your butt in the future — it once saved mine majorly!)

#1.  “The Power of the Right Structure: The Foundation For Keeping What You Make and Protecting Your Assets Without Expensive Lawyers” with Tax Attorney & CPA Bill Noll
Thursday November 9th at the Sheraton Tysons Corner

“Powerful Insider Secrets To Avoid IRS Audits” Special Report

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#2.  “Total Wealth Protection for You and Your Family”  MasterClass Training Intensive with Bill Noll, Tax Attorney & CPA.

Audio Training
entitled “The 5 Most Overlooked Strategies for Real Estate Investors That Will Add Thousands to Your Bottom-Line” (a $99 value)

Saturday November 11th at the Sheraton Tysons Corner.
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