That’ll be the day…

Is your business serving you?

Or are you afraid to unleash its full potential?

Today I met with an entrepreneur who is afraid to take Uber towncars instead of taxis because she doesn’t want her clients to think she spends her money lavishly. (Never mind that they’re actually about the same price but much higher quality — it is the mere image of luxury she is afraid of.)

Last week another real estate entrepreneur told me he isn’t going to take a second cruise with his wife this year so his office employees don’t think he’s too lavish.

Worrying about being too lavish?

That’ll be the day!

If you choose to live lavishly, that’s your choice.

As long as you can afford it, no one else should be complaining.

Your business is there to serve you and your lifestyle.

You need to keep that in mind first and foremost.

Otherwise what is the point really?

Why push?

Why struggle?

Why aim to achieve?

After all, it takes work to get the deal.

That what most people don’t see. They think it’s all magic (and then wonder why they don’t have the same success — they think it should just be handed to them without working for it.)

If you are going to shy away from enjoying your success because you’re worried about what others think…

Get over it!

(Or why bother?)

I actually think that this is one of the hardest things for entrepreneurs to do:

Namely keeping their focus on their lifestyle rather than being sucked down into the averageness of what everyone else thinks you should do.

Remember, I want you to achieve high levels of success.

To strive for, and reach, your maximum potential.

To not do so is to squander the very essence of what it means to be human.

So stop being shy.

Stop worrying about what others may think of your success.

If they have the drive to do it then they should buck up and do it too.

Otherwise they should just wish you luck and then get out of your way.

That doesn’t mean you drop them as friends, that just means that you don’t let them distract you from your goals (or worse, derail you from your goals).

You go and do your thing.

And let them go and keep doing theirs.

It isn’t actually lonely at the top, there’s just less people here.

But they are people who understand what you’ve been through, because they’ve been there too.

And you’ll be welcomed and finally feel at home.

So where do you want to be?

Make the decision and then make the moves needed to get there.

If you could have done it on your own, you would have done it already.

Stop trying to piece random free information together from the Internet.

And start following a system that has been proven to work.

I’ll show you the way at my full-day Rapid Cash Generator MasterClass on Saturday September 6th.

Learn the way to a lavish lifestyle here:

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