Leave the politics out?

Seems my message yesterday about the unneeded “Secretary of Business” hit a nerve.

Some people said I should leave the politics out.



Because your politics are your philosophy on life and how you live it.

So like it or not, it’s everywhere and impacts everything you do.

Your philosophy is the vein that feeds every move you make.

Especially in business.

You can’t truly be in business and not be affected by politics and the competing philosophies.

So wake up and smell the coffee.

You simply cannot divorce anything in your life from politics or philosophy.

Because it always circles back to that.

So it has to be about philosophy. Your guiding philosophy.

And you can figure out people quickly based on their political viewpoint.

A very useful skill in business, indeed.

It cuts to the chase fast.

Accept that.

Otherwise you’ll be disappointed.


Politics, business, work, relationships, etc.

Philosophy is what it comes down to.

Any time I’ve strayed from my core beliefs I’ve been disappointed.

And when I’ve stuck to them everything has massively improved. Both business and personal relationships flourish.

So spend some time thinking about your philosophy and your politics. Explore them. Defend your positions if you can.

And if you can’t…

Then have a long hard think about why. And then make the changes needed in your life so that what really matters to you is brought front and center.

If what matters to you is having control over your time and finances so you can support yourself and your family through whatever may come, then it’s time to stop spinning your wheels, and start doing profitable real estate deals.

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