Snooty French waiters sneering at you

My father and I ordered the same dish.

It was a small restaurant in provincial France, so there were only three things on the menu to choose from anyway.

When it arrived, we both looked curiously at the plate.

In our dollop of mashed potatoes there was curiously half of an intact egg shell.

And in the egg shell was the yolk of the raw egg.

Seeing the rather quizzical looks on our faces, the waiter mumbled something in French and then rather brusquely reached forward and grabbed the egg shell.

He dumped the raw yolk into the mashed potatoes and then picked up our forks and blended it all together neatly.

Waiting to be sure he was done, my father and I then smiled hesitantly.

“Les Américains” he mumbled under his breath and then motioned for us to eat.

As we started in on our meal the waiter wandered off saying “alors bonne chance”.

Good luck indeed!

It wound up being one of the top 10 meals of my life.

(Which I don’t say lightly, as I take a ridiculous pleasure in what I eat and drink.)

Who knew a simple pork chop and mash potatoes could be so insanely good?

And it got me thinking that sometimes you get confused by something new or different, but if you have someone to show you how it *should* be done, then it all becomes so much easier.

The meal becomes the perfect taste.

It’s the same when flipping houses.

The process can seem daunting when you don’t understand it.

But if you have someone to take you by the hand and teach you the process and walk you through each step, then it is no longer a frustrating mystery.

You’ll finally go from spinning your wheels to doing profitable deals.

You’ll get the meal tasting exactly as it should.

And you won’t have snooty French waiters sneering at you.

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Tom Zeeb
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