Larry’s rainy San Juan cafe

Picture this…

It’s pouring down rain.

The proverbial cats and dogs.

Everyone running helter-skelter.

It’s hard to see as every time you look up your eyes get pelted with rain drops like bullets.

I look across the quickly dispersing crowd and finally see Larry.

Larry Goins.

“What we gonna do now?” we both asked, as the rest of the group was gone.

“Let’s go there.”

We ducked into a sidewalk cafe in Old Town San Juan and did what people in that cafe had done for hundreds of years…

Ate and drank.

But this conversation was different than the average.

Because we are both real estate entrepreneurs.

With businesses that can run without our physical presence.

Digital nomads who can take care of business from only a smart phone.

So we started to compare notes.

Ideas flowed like the rain pouring down around us.

I detailed my Rapid Cash Generator system and how it ensures the lifestyle I choose to live.

Larry told me about his “Ultimate Buying Machine” and how it is a workhorse for finding profitable deals.

He told me about his “Real Estate Day Trader” methods and how he uses it to pump up both his monthly profits and future profits in his retirement account.

A good time was had by all.

And putting into action what was shared enhanced our businesses and profits immensely.

Wish you could have been there.

But it’s too late now.

But there’s an even better option for you.

Better because you’ll get much more time and structured details.

I’m hosting Larry at 2 great Traction events this weekend.

It starts tonight.

You’ll definitely get the same great knowledge. But probably not the rain.

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Tom Zeeb
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