My morning knock-up

Greetings from London.

I’ve got a very early flight outta here today, so I stayed at a hotel near the airport since all my friends are too far away to make leaving for an early flight practical.

When I checked into the hotel last night, the girl at “reception” asked me what time I’d like “my morning knock-up”.

I paused for a second and my eyebrow went up inquisitively.

Then I remembered again that Brits and Americans are two people separated by a common language.

Far from making a pass at me, she was inquiring about having a “wake-up call”.

Which I happily scheduled for 5am.

Then I started thinking how it’s the same for real estate investors and entrepreneurs.

Industry terminology and jargon can be confusing.

Especially if you think someone is talking about one thing, but they are actually referring to another.

So it pays to know your lingo.

What terms, phrases, and expressions are being bandied around out there?

Do you really know what’s going on?

Can you really follow a conversation with another investor?

How about your attorney?

Or your accountant?

These are people you need to interface with regularly.

It pays to understand what they are saying to you.

It pays to know what to say to them.

It pays to know what you are doing and how to talk about it properly to anybody.

Learn how to know what to say to make your business thrive, go to:

Tom Zeeb
Traction Real Estate Mentors

P.S. — You’re in Carolina’s very capable hands for all of next week.

She’ll be the one writing to you daily.

I’m going to disappear into the Western Balkans and seriously recharge my batteries.

And rack up some awesome new country count in the process. (I’m almost at 100!)

Until then…


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