LA TIMES: You may soon be asked to take a pay cut to keep working from home

Get a load of this LA TIMES newspaper article:
You may soon be asked to take a pay cut to keep working from home


They always find a way to hold you down and make things yuck.

So all these people thinking their lifestyle dreams have come true because they’ve been working from home since the pandemic are now starting to find out that it all might come to a crashing end, or at least suffer a big dip in pay.

I’ve said it before in the hallowed pages of my daily emails… there is no real lifestyle security unless you build it for yourself.

A job simply isn’t going to provide it.

The very nature of a job is that you are under someone else’s command and control.

What will they take away next?

We’ll see…

Meanwhile, a bunch of us entrepreneurial real estate investors get to keep working from home (or from anywhere else we choose to be) and NOT take a pay cut to do so.

Because we have full control over what happens to us.

I’m not saying this to gloat. I’m saying this as a warning and response to the article in the LA TIMES.

There is another way.


There’s a bunch of great entrepreneurial investors featured in the 9-part docuseries that I’m in.

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* I’m pretty sure you’ll find someone who you respond to and can see yourself doing it the way they do it.

And you won’t have to take a pay cut if you want to keep or start working from home!

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