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Learn how to make profits in the next 60 days from wholesale flipping a property.

Do this right and you’ll use no cash, have no risk, and no tenants!

The step-by-step process for finding profitable deals from home.

Ready-to-Use marketing templates, worksheets & legal agreements.

The 5 Elements of a Successful Postcard Campaign.

The 7 Critical Paragraphs to an Assignment Contract fully included. (Without these, you’ll lose the deal!)

Attention Aspiring and Experienced Real Estate Investors:

Discover How to Go From Spinning Your Wheels to Doing Profitable Deals!

Introducing the Ultimate System to Make Money in Real Estate 
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Let Me Introduce Myself...

My name is Tom Zeeb and my story starts with a near-death experience and no money in the bank.

From that point I’ve now become a successful real estate investor who is living the lifestyle of my dreams. I get to travel frequently (I’ve been to 100+ countries so far) and I get to set my own work hours. Compared to the 9-to-5 grind that I used to put myself through, I couldn’t ask for more.

Here’s what happened to me:

I was whitewater rafting with friends on the Ganges River in India. We were crashing through Class 5 rapids and having the time of our lives when I suddenly found myself overboard and underwater.

A near death experience does wonders for your life. When I finally surfaced and stopped choking, I realized my friends had been laughing. For them, this had been a spectacle. For me, it was a new beginning.

I knew the time had come to stop dreaming and finally become the entrepreneur I always wanted to be.

In the past, it seemed that the time was never right, but on that day I realized it would never be exactly right. It was up to me to just do it.

And that’s exactly what I did!

I was done with the 9-to-5 grind, the lifestyle-limiting 2 weeks’ vacation per year, and never having quite enough money to pay the bills each month.

I started flipping contracts on houses and making healthy wholesale fees and I never looked back.

My Rapid Cash Generator KitTM Has Helped Hundreds of
Everyday, Regular People Replace Their Income, Quit Their Jobs
& Turn Full-Time to Real Estate Investing!

It may sound funny, but I think of this as saving Lives – saving them from debt, isolation from family, income
and lifestyle limitations, and sheer boredom!

So are you ready to "rescue your life?"

With Real Estate Wholesaling, it's "60 Days to Done!"

The first thing you need to know about The Rapid Cash Generator Kit: Dynamic Secrets to Quickly Flip Properties To Create More Deals, More Profits, & More FreedomTM is that it is about making money while building an amazing lifestyle.

Myself, I love to travel, maybe you do too, or maybe you want to spend more time with your family or more time pursuing a hobby… whatever you are looking for as far as how you live your life, this system can turn it into reality.

With this system there is no doing 300 deals a month with 30 employees, stacks of paperwork, and no free time.

Do it correctly and with this system, you will have zero employees. Instead you will outsource and use technology to run your business by yourself.

It’s how I do it, and it’s how I’m going to teach you to do it too.

What You’ll Learn in The Rapid Cash Generator Kittm

How to Generate Rapid Cash

Believe it or not, developing this skill will allow you to produce fast profits no matter what your focus: rehabbing, landlording or wholesaling.

Dynamic Secrets to Quickly Flip Almost Any Property With No Cash, No Risk & No Tenants

Why deal with the headaches others have when there are techniques to avoid them? I’ll share them all with you here.

Magnificent Negotiation Strategies to Get Sellers Saying “Yes”

Many people struggle with (and are afraid of) negotiating, but now you can quickly get better at it. Do it correctly and it can turn the right leads into grand-slam deals using my easy-to-learn (and fun!) negotiating methods.

How to Turn Luke-Warm Leads into Red-Hot Deals

How you talk to motivated sellers makes a BIG difference. You need to Pinpoint their problem, Package up a solution that works for them, and then Persuade them to say “YES!”. I’ll show you how.

How to Create a Monthly Income of $10,000 or More

Just think what you could do with More Deals, More Profits, & More Freedom. If you do this right, then you’ll be putting yourself in an excellent position to grow your business even more as the market continues to improve.

How to Determine the 3 Critical Numbers You Need to Know for Rapid Cash Generation

Find out the 3 key components of a good deal and how to spot them quickly & easily so that you never waste valuable time on unprofitable deals. Done right, it usually only takes a few minutes to learn these numbers.

Field-Tested Techniques That Can Work for Wholesaling, Rehabbing, or Rentals

All real estate deals are the same at the beginning. You have to find the deal, make the deal, and get it to settlement. The road doesn’t fork until after your first settlement when you choose whether to flip wholesale, rehab, or keep it as a rental. So what I’m going to teach you here applies to all types of real estate investors, at all experience levels, and in any location.

How to Do Deals Tax-Free in Your IRA

This exciting technique could save you thousands of dollars and help you quickly build up, or rebuild, a handsome retirement fund.

How to Build a Lifestyle Business That Truly Sets You Free

Your business should be built around your lifestyle goals, but so many people miss this point and then get stuck in the trap of working more to make more. I’ll show you how to focus correctly right from the start so that you can “have it all” — a terrific income and a terrific life.

And much more!

Imagine Having a Business That Works Around Your Life,
Instead of You Having to Work Your Life Around Your Business!

It’s possible with The Rapid Cash Generator. Take a look at what others have to say about me and my system:

Testimonial 45 Carla Zegarra As a result of Tom Zeeb & his training, I quit my job, I’m now doing real estate full time, I have control over my life, I have time to spend with my family, I’m making a ton of money, and I’m lovin’ it — life is great! Testimonial 46 Michael Fitzgerald A much needed mentor to young investors… Tom gives you that chance to beat the odds and accomplish what to you may seem un accomplish-able… Tom is my helping hand… Thank you Tom for helping me accomplish my dreams and goals in real estate. Testimonial 47 Neva Williamson I graduated from your program last year and I just wanted to let you know I closed on a new deal last week and my wholesale fee was a whopping 40k! Your program is great and most importantly of all, it works! Keep doing what you do Testimonial 48 Luis Martinez I was deployed overseas two weeks ago and am still living out of my bags in transient quarters. However, I’ve applied everything you’ve taught me and my business hasn’t missed a beat! My virtual admin and her crew have been all over everything and I’ve been able to supervise it all from my iPad. Thank you... Testimonial 49 Alison Miller Tom Zeeb did a great job helping me get my first deal. I would highly recommend them to anyone who wants to become successful in this business. I look forward to doing more deals with their help. Testimonial 50 Carla Zegarra As a result of Tom Zeeb & his training, I quit my job, I’m now doing real estate full time, I have control over my life, I have time to spend with my family, I’m making a ton of money, and I’m lovin’ it — life is great! Testimonial 51 Neva Williamson I graduated from your program and I just wanted to let you know I closed on a new deal last week and my wholesale fee was a whopping 40k! :) Your program is great and most importantly of all, it works! Keep doing what you do. Testimonial 52 Keeja Browder Tom, your training program is spot on with our current real estate market. The principles & lessons learned are exactly what we need to know for making it in this fierce business world. Your audio trainings & tricks of the trade are instrumental in keeping me ahead of competition. Thank you for generosity and time... Testimonial 53 Dani-Jean Stuart I’m VERY happy with the course materials! I’m currently working on my very first property for wholesaling, in the negotiation process right now! Making more calls on others today. Couldn’t have done it without you and I know that from experience because I TRIED it earlier this year with the very little knowledge I had. Testimonial 54 Michael & Samantha Dear Tom, Thank you for your insightful teaching. We genuinely appreciate how you are changing and challenging real estate investors and the world. You are a truly unique and charitable individual who inspires and motivates those you meet, to emulate your exceptional warmth and ethical code of conduct to everyone that they encounter. You display exemplary... Testimonial 55 Kerry H I just closed my first deal! With the help of Tom Zeeb's system, I successfully negotiated a SWEET buy and hold deal where the seller carried back 100% of the sale price for 3 years at ZERO percent interest! The monthly principle payments to the seller are low enough that I can easily cash flow... Testimonial 56 Traci Thomas I took your wholesaling basics class. You taught me a lot! I was just getting started, learning investing and setting up my biz, etc. Anyway, I’m proud to tell you that I am under contract on my first deal!! It’s only a couple of miles from my home! Testimonial 57 Vince Kiste I just joined and I’ve reviewed the home study system and forms library and am very pleased and impressed. After so much study of REI, it was very comforting to see the nuts & bolts, “the resources”, as well as a planned process to succeed. Seeing what you made available reinforced for me the feeling that... Testimonial 58 Shelley McClean Thank you so much for giving me as much time and help as you have. I have learned so much by working with you and feel fortunate to have found a great mentor to team up with before I made any rookie mistakes. Testimonial 59 Mouhamadou Diagne I thought Tom to be insightful and practical. I also found great inspiration in your personal story and what you have been able to accomplish over the past years. It’s the kind of winning story and inspiring leadership that give me tremendous optimism and courage as a new investor exploring the tough but rewarding field... Testimonial 60 Justin Lee Tom Zeeb has the knowledge and insight to teach investors everywhere techniques that will put CASH in their pockets tomorrow. The last deal that I worked on put over $40,000 in equity in my pocket, along with a positive cash flow of over $400/month. If you’re not already working with Tom, you need to start immediately.... Testimonial 61 Marcel Umphery I met Tom Zeeb when he was teaching how to negotiate a deal, control a deal, and getting the deal closed. Shortly after that I became a full time investor. His style of teaching is effective and simple to understand. If you’re just starting out, signing up with Tom is a great way to get... Testimonial 62 C Willis Shortly after I became one of Tom's students I found that he has a very structured regiment that allowed me to line my goals up with the activities needed to accomplish them. Passion is what sets Tom Zeeb apart from the rest! He is extremely passionate about making a difference in someone else’s life. He loves... Testimonial 63 Kathi Reid Thanks to your training, I had my first deal, on Edmondson Avenue, within a week of the completion of the business and marketing plan. It was an exciting jump-start to becoming a successful investor. And the $10,000 profit! Yes! Testimonial 64 Shelton Powell Hey Tom, you are a great person and you understand what a lot of gurus don't. I attended your saturday session today and the one thing that stood out to me was SAFETY. I've been to a couple events and none of them talked about being safe while checking out homes. I am in my... Testimonial 65 Melana & Mike Wilson We want to thank you for your advice and teaching materials – – Both were critical to the successful outcome of this deal. We appreciate that you are sharing your expertise with us as we get started. Testimonial 66 Michael Blank By working with Tom's system I’ve been able to get started much more quickly and avoid mistakes. Without Tom's system, I wouldn’t have had the confidence to get started or perhaps the persistence to stick with it, especially after several months of marketing that didn’t produce a deal. Testimonial 67 Liz Dauw Tom, I wanted to thank you and tell you how well your advice has worked for me. Currently I am working on a deal to acquire 2 storage facilities with a seasoned, knowledgeable investor who first presented me with this deal. (I am a newbie when it comes to commercial real estate, and have never really... Testimonial 68 Ken Williams Tom Zeeb is a man of his word — a breath of fresh air within the real estate investor community. I have first hand experience observing Tom remaining calm during the unpredictable stages of a settlement transaction. I highly recommend Tom to anyone considering doing business with him. Testimonial 69 Kenton Newby Tom continually stressed that as a wholesaler, you’re really in the customer service business… Tom is definitely the go-to guy! Testimonial 70 Matthew Toone I was again extremely impressed. The way you have set up this business is exactly what I am looking for – in that you don’t just help us do a few deals, but really teach/train us on how to set up a business that will be the foundation upon which we build. Testimonial 71 Hector Diaz The Rapid Cash Generator Class was really an eye opening event to me. It is evident the vast experience you have in the real estate investing business. Thanks so much for sharing your expertise with us. Testimonial 72 Jashiema Roach This is a dream come true. I am still in shock and it really doesn’t feel real. Yes, I have seen people get up and talk about making thousands of dollars and have been really excited thinking just maybe it could happen to me and now it has! It CAN happen. . . don’t give up!... Testimonial 73 Michael Fitzgerald A much needed mentor to young investors, Tom's system gives you that chance to beat the odds and accomplish what to you may seem un-accomplishable. Thank you for helping me accomplish my dreams and goals in real estate. Testimonial 74 Terry Kunneman The Rapid Cash Generator did an AWESOME job of framing what the system and what the boot camp provide! Highly immersive in the process, succinct and impactful, it's scope rivals other real estate investment training offered nationwide.

Ready to Write Your Own Real Estate
Investing Success Story?

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Volume 1 — “Find the Deal”

    • 186-page Training Binder
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  • 2 Audio Trainings detailing my marketing systems
You'll get:
  • Ready to use marketing templates,
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Volume 2 — “Make the Deal”

    • 83-page Training Binder
  • 2 Audio Trainings detailing my negotiation methods & techniques
You'll get:
  • The 35 absolute best negotiating
    techniques explained and simplified
  • The key steps to becoming a natural negotiator, even if you fear it!

Volume 3 — “Get Paid”

  • 185-page Training Binder
  • USB Drive containing my entire legal library of contracts, worksheets, checklists, & more
  • 2 Audio Trainings teaching what it takes to get your deal successfully through to payday
You'll get:
  • My complete legal library of 19+ contracts
  • Checklists and worksheets to make
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  • How to build an awesome credibility package

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