Jumping off a bridge for a living

Last year I went to a town in Bosnia named Mostar. (Where else would one vacation other than Bosnia and Herzegovina…)

The center of the old town has a very high bridge spanning across it.

It’s a VERY steep drop down to the river below.

A giant crowd started gathering on the streets.

And a man hustled his way through the crowd collecting money.

What for?


To jump off the bridge.

Once he had his bag of loot, he handed it to his son, then he climbed up on the edge, stood up tall, put his arms out to the adoring crowd, and then…


He did a smooth entry into the river below with very little splash.

He waved back to his fans and then swam to shore.

Surely there is a better way of earning a living?

(And what does his son say at school when asked what his father does?)

What’s this got to do with you?


How many of you are jumping off a bridge in your real estate businesses?

(Or in your lives for that matter?)

But jumping unconscientiously with no plan for the future, no idea how to sustain, no idea how to grow and thrive, and no idea if there is even water below to soften the blow.

You don’t need to be jumping off a bridge for a living.

Figuratively or literally.

Be on purpose.
Be on target.
Build a business to continually support you.
Do it by design.
Not by default.

Learn my techniques for Rapid Cash Generation and use the knowledge and profits to easily keep your feet on solid ground.

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