The janitor’s big adventure

Let me tell you a story.

After a few days mired in filth, I checked into the top hotel in Xi’an China for a radical change of pace. (I’ll tell you the story about getting there and being mired in filth another time…)

Sitting next to me in the lounge was an older American man who seemed out of place.

That always interests me, so I struck up conversation.

He told me he wasn’t used to the opulent surroundings of the hotel or to being catered to so attentively by the staff.

“Bit different than home?” I asked.

“Well,” he started, “For all my life I’ve been a mere janitor at a factory in Wisconsin.”

“I never thought I’d see China.”

I asked him what had happened to bring him here.

He continued: “The factory I worked at cleaning all my life got sold to the Chinese and shut down.”

“You mean all the jobs left?” I asked.

“No, that’s not all” he said. “They literally bought the entire old factory, dismantled it, and shipped it to China.”


We haven’t just lost our factory jobs, but the actual physical factories too?

Yes, he confirmed, but there’s been a problem.

They can’t get the giant old machinery to work properly like it did when it was in America. They can’t seem to get all the pieces to fit correctly together and to work right again.

So they came back and found me and flew me over here to see if I can help.

I spent years and years around the machinery, and I cleaned every inch of it, so they are now relying on my memory to put all the pieces back together properly.

The factory owner put me into the best hotel in town and sends his personal car and driver for me every morning. All my expenses are paid for. And what they are paying me will darn near double my retirement funds.

“Good for you” I congratulated him.

“I feel kind of bad about it, as everyone else back home has had a hard time getting work again” he confessed.

Which got me to thinking…

So many “safe, secure” jobs get disrupted these days.

People get replaced by robots, computers, automation, etc.

And then they are often stuck.

It’s one of the major reasons I rely only upon myself for my income and livelihood.

Nothing else is truly stable.

And staying focused on real estate means I am staying focused on a very basic human need that never goes away. Therefore people always need what I do, because they always need shelter over their heads (as a rental, or a rehabbed home to own).

What I do can’t get shipped to China.

It’s here to stay.

And so am I.

Yes, there’ll be tweaks, twists, and things to improve along the way.

But that’s easy to handle.

Much better than having it all disappear because labor costs are exponentially cheaper far away where there is no regulation.

And you?

Are you truly safe and secure?

Or just waiting for the same to happen to you?

Will your sole source of income get shut down or shipped overseas?

You can avoid that risk by joining me in the real estate investing business.

Starting is easier than you think.

And now is a great time.

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