Is Nick Sidoti a crazy SOB?

“Nick Sidoti is the craziest SOB I have ever met.”

So said a Traction REIA member when I announced Nick Sidoti will be here at Traction REIA, live & in-person on Thursday July 15th.

Is he crazy?


I don’t think anyone would deny that. (Not even Nick himself.)

He’s also VERY entertaining.

Here’s what he’s going to cover:

* What is perhaps the ultimate solution for rentals these days, as it works despite the lockdowns and despite the eviction moratorium. (if you’ve noticed, the government has no problem printing money these days, Nick makes it so you can always be on their distribution list!)

* How you can get 3 times the market rent mailed to you each month from government agencies without section 8. (yes, there’s those endlessly deep government pockets again…)

* How Nick Sidoti AKA “DR. CASH FLOW” took a simple idea and turned it into a HIGH CASH FLOW – LOW HASSLE EMPIRE.


* How to rent to college students, veterans, government agencies, and other customers who will pay you big bucks (2 or 3 times more than market rent) for a little extra convenience. (NO, this is not Section 8, and NO, you do not need a license or special permit, and YES, you will be blown away by the increase in profit.)

* How to put $100,000.00 in YOUR POCKET TAX-FREE now.
* How to market your rentals to government agencies who pay more than market rent.
* How to avoid the #1 biggest mistake investors make because they are misinformed.
* How to say good-bye to the bureaucratic Section 8 inspections.
* How to dramatically reduce headaches while you’re increasing profits.
* How to get over $500.00 rent increase per month without evening asking for it.
* How to get the government to stuff your mailbox full of money the 1st of each month.
* How to keep your sanity, prevent ulcers, and still have tenants.
* How to get great tenants who NEVER, NEVER, NEVER, MOVE.

Nick Sidoti has been a full-time investor since 1979 and is the national expert on student and special needs rentals. He is a seasoned investor, author and columnist who has passed the test of time. He has lectured to thousands at real estate organizations and conventions and across the country for over 35 years. His credentials include national designation as a R.A.M. – Registered Apartment Manager and C. P.M. Certified Property Manager CPM. He is an award-winning columnist for his column, “DR. CASHFLOW”, which is featured monthly in the NATIONAL APARTMENT OWNERS ASSOCIATION MAGAZINE, which is the most widely circulated real estate investor publication in the nation. His column is also featured in numerous newspapers and real estate publications around the country. Nick is a previous member of the National Board of Advisors for Financial Freedom Report and the founder and President of Western New York Real Estate Investors, Inc.

WANT MORE MONEY from your rentals?


Nick Sidoti, aka “DR. CASH FLOW” has a knack for not only making tons of money in real estate, but also has a good time doing it.  Better yet, he has a gift for teaching others his Highly Effective Cash Producing Methods in a way that’s easy to understand, and tremendously entertaining at the same time.  His “DR. CASH FLOW, The CA$H REGISTER LANDLORD”, presentation will leave you rolling in the aisles and remembering the vitally important, cash producing points he drives home with humor. Nick and his alter egos (yes there are several) will show you how to give your income a giant boost and make tenant problems disappear by using creative property management techniques.

Join us on Thursday July 15th at Traction REIA live & IN-PERSON.

Nick is only here for Thursday July 15th (there’s no Saturday training) so clear your calendar and be there.

Click here to RSVP (no charge for all as a welcome back gift)

Tom Zeeb
Traction REIA

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