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Is entrepreneurship easy?



But that bubble needed to be burst.

Sometimes it just takes hard work and will drain you of every last bit of energy you have.

But when you make it, you will start reaping the rewards.

People you know will then get jealous and think they can jump in right to the good parts.

Because they don’t understand the work that it took to get the deal.

Just like not all actors make it.

Or singers,

Or dancers,

And so on…

But those that did make it, make it look easy.

So don’t be fooled by all the “get rich quick” claims out there.

Riches will happen.

But not overnight.

(Sorry Charlie, but them the brakes.)

And none of it is financially sustainable anyway unless you get your act together first.

After all, there are real consequences for failure.

And that’s what everyone else misses.

They don’t appreciate the risks.

And they wouldn’t personally take those risks.

They just want the benefits.

Greedy little monkeys.

Benefits without working to earn them…

It’s simply not a recipe for success.

But you’re different.

You appreciate what a lifestyle business can do for you.

And you understand and accept the risks.

And you know having specialized knowledge will minimize them.

You just need a push in the right direction and some on-going support to keep on track and refine your systems.

Your ship has finally come in, but TODAY is the deadline:

Tom Zeeb
The Automated Entrepreneur

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