I’m not very happy with my current IRA provider

“Tom, I’m not very happy with my current IRA provider. I’ve had a lot of issues. A LOT! I want to come see Edwin to learn more. But didn’t he used to be with another company? Or am I confused?”

I’ll answer your question in 2 parts:

#1 — Choosing the right Self-Directed IRA firm is very important.

Because if their customer service STINKS, your life will be miserable doing deals through them.

I love the technique of doing deals tax-free in my Roth IRA, but it requires a couple of extra steps and getting the IRA custodian involved, and if they aren’t responsive, or if they are slow or confused, then the whole process becomes painful, and that’s not the way I want to run my business.

Edwin started Specialized IRA Services because he wanted to deliver an entirely different level of customer service from the rest of the players in the industry.

I know you’ll be very happy with Edwin & Specialized.

#2 — Yes, Edwin was previously with two other firms. One was very big, but is now facing Federal legal action for very poor decisions made (he left long before this). The other he was only a minority owner in, and the other partners didn’t share the vision and didn’t want to invest in what was needed to do customer service right, so he left and went completely on his own with “Specialized IRA Services”.

There are lots of ins-and-outs to how to properly do deals inside of a self-directed retirement account.

Edwin is the go-to guy in the industry for knowing how to do it all, and do it all correctly, with full compliance so you can indeed earn your profits tax free.

Edwin is with us all week at Traction REIA.

His presentations are packed with useful — and actionable — knowledge on how to use self-directed retirement accounts to earn and amplify your wealth.

Join us Wednesday or Thursday at Traction REIA’s main meetings for Edwin’s “Tax Free Investing Using Your Retirement Account!” presentation:
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And Edwin is conducting a full-day training on “How to Invest Tax Free Using Your Retirement Account” on Saturday October 17th:
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Tom Zeeb
Traction Real Estate Mentors