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Stirring the patriotic pot


My July 4th message continues to stir people up.
( http://TractionRealEstateMentors.com/financial-freedom-independence )

It’s the usual mixed bag of responses:

Tom I think this one of the best you have written, love it , this is just the true thanks.
— Diego

Thank you so very much Tom Zeeb for being a Patriot, an American messenger of the Truth as so many Americans stand so far back from facing reality & becoming part of the Solution as opposed to being Apathetic & remaining part of the problem!! God bless you and keep you always, A fellow patriot and staunch advocate that as Americans we must uphold truth & defy the lies of the enemy.

Good job Tom! I love your emails man. Keep them coming. Thank you.
— John

Wow, Fantastic Tom! I actually had my 10 year old son read the first two paragraphs of the Declaration of Independence yesterday. We talked about it and discussed the symbolism and what it meant. I’m going to post this to my facebook account because it’s so good. Sons of Liberty take up our cause and change the course of events!
— Doug

Tom, I knew somebody was going to have heartburn with your message yesterday(probably lots of people), but I loved it.  I also loved that after hearing from the peanut gallery, you doubled down on the message.  Awesome!
— Joe

Well, time to triple down…

Yet another nameless subscriber writes:
“My God, do I have to hear a political sermon if I opt for what is being offered here?”


Because it’s important.

Politics has everything to do with business and vice versa.

Get your head out of the sand.

Start seeing things the right way.

Because that’s what a successful entrepreneur has to do.

You simply can’t divorce politics from business (or from anything else, for that matter).

That’s why it matters.

But the sheeple keep following the herd.

Or they just believe in the wrong ideas foolishly.

Either way…

No one is forcing you to be on my list.

If you like my messages, you can forward them to a friend who needs them and would enjoy them.

If you don’t like it…


There’s an unsubscribe link at the bottom of each message.

Use it.

But if you’re not afraid to face facts, not afraid to have to think for yourself, and if you want to have control over your future to protect yourself and your family, then get in line here:


Tom Zeeb
Traction Real Estate Mentors

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