Inappropriately selling the complexity

It can’t honestly be that simple.

Well, it is.

But when it’s made simple, the coaching program selling it has a problem, because people don’t believe that simple works, so the coach isn’t able to sell the program.


Now look, it is simple.
But NOT easy.

There’s a difference.

An important difference.

Simple means not complex.

Complex may look seksee and may oddly sell a training program better, but complexity is actually awful.


Because it makes it have too many moving parts and therefore sets you up for failure.

Yes — usually failure from total and complete inaction.

Now isn’t that special?

So yes, the simple solution is actually better.

Because you can actually get a simple setup to work.

It’s within reach, without an absurd time commitment, so you can actually do it.

Now, that’s not to say it’s without WORK.

But it’s an amount of work you can actually handle and complete.

So, knowing this, are you ready to follow a “bare-bones” simple system that can work for you IF — and only if — you actually implement it?

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