If what I was doing was so risky… Why did I end up the most secure?

When I first went out on my own some 20-odd years ago…

* Many people thought I was nuts
* My father asked me whey I would quit a decent job
* Friends worried I was going to land flat on my face.

Basically, everyone thought what I was doing (the dream I was chasing) was far too risky.

Instead, they thought I should have clung to a “safe” & “secure” job.

Played it traditional.

And followed the crowd.

Well, if what I was doing was so risky…
Why did I end up the most secure?

Over the years I’ve watched everyone else have their ups-and-downs. Jobs come, and jobs go. And all with very little control for the person, as they are totally at the mercy of their paycheck and therefore their job. Unemployment periods for friends were vicious, as their finances plummeted and they really had no control, other than to hunt and beg for something new.

To be fair, I’ve had my ups-and-downs too.

But with a difference.

I built multiple streams of income.

So if one went dry for a while, I still had the others producing.

and rentals.

And over time, it’s built up into a very nice nest egg.

And all totally by design, not by chance.

And all totally by my doing, not the doing of some company pension or paycheck that might get wiped out overnight by things beyond my control.

So again, if what I was doing was so risky… Why did I end up the most secure?

Not to mention absurd amounts of free time to travel and explore the world as I please.

I’m not saying this with some sort of acid tongue.

I’m saying it to inspire you to seriously think about where you are at, where you want to be, and to QUESTION everything you’ve been told about the path you are supposed to be on.

A number of my friends are doing just that now. And they are coming to me to ask how I did it. And they recognize how much less time they have to work on it now for themselves. (we’re all bumping up against 50 years old now…)

Here’s some food for thought:

* If you could have done it on your own, you would have done it already.

* If all that random free information floating around on the internet could have done it for you, you would have done it already.

* If all those not-quite-specific enough videos all over social media of some “guru” with a Ferrari in the garage, but nothing in the fridge in a rented mansion could have done it for you, you would have done it already.

I have a slew of events coming up that can get you jumpstarted and moving ahead quickly.

They are actually affordable and you can choose whether to jump right in, or just dip your toe in the water.

You choose which pace is right for you.

And you choose if you think it’s risky, or actually more secure…

#1.  IN-PERSON: Washington DC Main Monthly Meeting
TOPIC: “Wholesaling: 60 Days to Done!”

Thursday September 21st IN-PERSON
Hilton Garden Inn Tysons Corner
8301 Boone Blvd
Vienna, VA 22182
6pm to 9pm

Click here to RSVP

#2.  ONLINE: Webinar with Tom Zeeb
” Wholesaling: 60 Days to Done!”

Tuesday September 26th ONLINE
8pm Eastern
7pm Central
6pm Mountain
5pm Pacific

No charge for this event.

Works Nationwide. Join us from anywhere.

Get the Zoom link now

#3.  IN-PERSON: Sarasota/Tampa EVENING “Beer & Real Estate” Happy Hour

Thursday September 28th IN-PERSON

Mandeville Beer Garden
428 N Lemon Ave
Sarasota, FL 34236

7pm to 9pm

Click here to RSVP

#4.  ONLINE: Training Workshop with Tom Zeeb
“FIND the Deal, MAKE the Deal, GET PAID Workshop”

Sunday October 1st ONLINE

9am to 1pm Eastern
8am to 12 Noon Central
7am to 11am Mountain
6am to 10am Pacific

Get your ticket now

November 3rd, 4th & 5th 2023

Friday November 3rd 7pm Welcome Reception
Saturday November 4th 9am to 5pm
Sunday November 5th 9am to 3pm

The event will be using my entirely new form of training, with lots of collaborative sessions with the group as well as instruction from me, in addition to lots of fun and social activities.

This event is perfect for you if you need to get focused, break through the next barrier you’re up against, build your team, get inspired, and learn how to capture the full potential of your real estate business whether it is full-time or a side-hustle.

It’s exclusively for students in my TOTAL TRACTION program.

Join here:

Tom Zeeb
Traction REIA
Washington DC | Tampa | Sarasota | Online

Traction REIA:
14+ Consecutive Year Recipient of the National REIA “Honors of Merit”
and the “Award of Excellence”
For Best Real Estate Investor Association!

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