Ice cream headaches

Let me tell you a story.

I was in the Caribbean last week (for both business and r&r).

One night I ate at a tasty sushi bar.

There was a couple sitting next to me that told me they had just opened up a new business 8 months earlier.

It was a franchise.

When I asked how it was going, they said they weren’t sure how to answer.

Why, I asked?

1. Because they had always dreamed of being on their own, but…

2.  They felt like they now couldn’t escape from what they left behind back home because the business needs them too much and has consumed their lives.

The woman pulled out her smart phone and opened up an app that showed all the surveillance cameras they had throughout their business so they can check-in from anywhere.

Their business was a self-service ice cream shop.

So the surveillance cameras showed people loading up with the various flavors and then the staff cleaning up occasionally.

NOT terribly exciting.

Yet the woman couldn’t keep from nervously checking the app every few minutes.

She had an ice cream headache.

And it was starting to give me an ice cream headache too.

Which got me thinking about why I love my real estate business so much.

Actually, why I love *THE WAY* that I’ve built it so much.

Because I paid close attention to how I built it so that it wouldn’t be all consuming at all times.

Lifestyle was important to me.

I didn’t want to end up not able to relax because the franchise needs to be constantly managed.

I didn’t want to end up with an ice cream headache. (Like I’ve seen so many others do…)

Not the way I roll.

And not the way I want you to roll.

Interestingly, after I left the restaurant, I took a few minutes to catch up on the day’s emails. One of them was about a condo deal I’m working on.

I took 5 minutes to write a response.

And then I moved on.

No ice cream headache required.

It’s all in how you build it, and the frameworks you use to manage it.

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Tom Zeeb
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