Mikey plays the Grand Piano

Let me tell you a story.

He went from jumping out of planes in the Army…

To flipping houses, owning rental properties, renovating, doing hundreds of all sorts of different types of deals, and rising to prominence in his region.

All starting at the tender age of 21.


One of my students.

Michael Fitzgerald.

(Whom I affectionately still call “Mikey”.)

Mikey just made big news in Hagerstown, MD as he bought a big rundown old building in downtown Hagerstown and brought it back to life.

It’s called the “Grand Piano” building as it used to belong to the Grand Piano & Furniture Co.

Now Mikey has taken it and turned it into a gem, spawning a new burst of redevelopment in the formerly blighted downtown area.

I’m proud of Mikey.

I flat-out LOVE the on-going success stories I receive from the students I’ve trained.

Interestingly, one of the things I hear from everyone I train is that they wish they would have started earlier.

Mikey said the same thing to me.

And he was only in his early 20s when I trained him!

Heck, he was barely old enough to have his contracts be legally binding.

Yet he has the same “regret” as everyone else (who is usually much older).

He’s been massively successful since, as he’s kept at it and applied my core principles to all aspects of what he’s accomplished over the years.

Can you do the same?


Will you?

That depends.

You have to want it enough.

You have to commit to it and focus.

And then you have to actually GET STARTED and make things happen.

What are you waiting for?

You aren’t getting any younger.

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Tom Zeeb
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