I nailed it on that one!

One of the benefits to writing & publishing frequently is that I’m on-record as having said something, right or wrong.

A year-and-a-half ago I wrote this article and sent it as an email:
Marketing as the market shifts

That was written & published on May 14, 2021, long before the media admitted there was even a problem.

I nailed it.


By watching what is actually happening, and not paying attention to what the newspapers are saying.

At that time, they were saying everything was selling for waaaaay above asking price and within seconds of listing.

But while that might have been true in some instances in some neighborhoods, it simply wasn’t true across the board.

Yet the media insisted that it was.

Anyway, why tell you this?
(other than to toot my own horn again…)

I tell you because some of the audio trainings I’ve included in the $20 Hurricane Bonus Bundle discuss these very market changes, and what we should now be doing about them.

Specifically the audio trainings:

#3: What happens when Market Volatility can no longer be denied
#5: Serious Timing Issues to Avoid Cutoff

Both are included in the $20 bonus bundle, along with a bunch of other great trainings.

Take a look at everything that’s included here:

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