I believe in America

A concerned reader writes:

“Tom, Like you I too had my health insurance canceled. And my premium is going up 44%. How is that “affordable”? I feel shocked and disappointed that it all wasn’t true. The American dream is dead!”
— Jamal B.


Easy there Pilgrim.

The American Dream isn’t dead.

You might have to search harder to find it these days, but it ain’t dead.

But it was never automatic anyway. Success isn’t just handed out.

It’s earned.



Yes, that’s right, I said it, w-o-r-k.

Sorry to disappoint you, (and I know the younger generations are appalled right now), but it takes work to BECOME successful.

Yes, I know work is a 4 letter word to many people, but them the brakes Charlie.

No one is going to just hand you a stack of smackeroos,

You actually have to do something to earn them.

That’s the key part of the American dream.

ANYONE can do it.

But you’ve got to apply yourself and actually do it.

You can’t be afraid to get knocked down a few times in the process.

You just need to be willing to get up again each time and carry on until you get success.

A big piece of that puzzle,

A big step in the right direction,

Is learning HOW, WHEN, and WHAT to work on.

And that’s exactly what I’ll teach you in detail at my Rapid Cash Generator boot camp.

I’m going to equip you with the know-how you need.

Then it’ll be up to you to do the work necessary to succeed.

(I know others don’t mention that part, as they want you to think riches are easy, but I don’t like leading lambs to slaughter, so I just tell it like it is.)

Now let’s get movin’.

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Tom Zeeb
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