I almost lost my whole business and lifestyle over $20K

Once upon a time I had a j.o.b.

It was interesting at first, and then frustrating a couple years in.

I wanted more.

But they wouldn’t give it to me.

I thought I was underpaid (Like most people think too I suppose…)

I thought I should have been paid $20 grand more a year.

But luckily they didn’t give me the raise.

Why was that lucky?

Because I almost lost my whole business and lifestyle over a measly $20K!

I can see that now.

But I couldn’t see that then.

They did me a MASSIVE favor by NOT giving me a raise.

* If they had, I might not have taken the plunge to go off on my own when I did.
* If they had, it might have slowed me down another couple years on starting my entrepreneurial journey.
* If they had, my lifestyle would have been severely limited by the pay ceiling (even with the raise) and the limit on how much vacation time I had each year.

I’ve had 23+ years of gratuitous adventure travel, family time, and no money worries.

To think, I almost threw it all away over $20 grand more a year.


Here’s what’s not crazy – learning 3 specific negotiation techniques so you can improve your next deal (be it your first, or your hundredth), and use it to improve your life (because everything is a negotiation).

3 specific steps.

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Tom Zeeb
Traction Real Estate Mentors®

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