I actually did not expect an answer whatsoever. I’m really lost

In came this response from one of my students:

“I actually did not expect an answer whatsoever.. so thank you. I’m really lost … and I haven’t been that in forever. I’ve joined 3 mentorships . You are the first one to respond”

Lots to dissect here.

All of which will be valuable for anyone.

Don’t load up on too much training all at once. It spreads both you and your focus out too thin. And creates too many different directions to head in.

This causes confusion and lack of clarity. And confusion and lack of clarity cause you to seize up and do nothing.

Focus needs to be the name of the game.

What to focus on?

That’s something you need to determine now. Start by going after the low-hanging fruit so you get a fast win. Considering the fastest path, then choose the path you are most interested in and can see yourself doing.

Yes, you should just choose one.
(the temptation is to try and do everything, but then you wind up doing nothing.)

Then follow ONE system or ONE coach to get you there.

That might be shelving or ignoring a program you invested in. That’s okay for now. Focus is all that matters.

Speaking of which program to follow, choose one that gives you the support you need.

“Not expecting anyone to answer” is a sad commentary on the state of the real estate training industry these days.

But it’s true.

This is obviously self-serving, but I pride myself on how responsive my program is to my students.

Call me old-fashioned, but I think people should actually get the support they’ve paid for.

In terms of feeling lost, the lack of clarity discussed in #1 above is the lion’s share of the problem.

When you can clearly see the way forward, and know what steps are needed to get you there, then the feeling of being lost goes away.

A comment I hear from my students all the time is that they know what their next-step is at each point along the way of my training.

That’s by design.

I was once lost too.

And when I found my way, I always keep that in mind when teaching others how to succeed.

* It’s about clarity.
* It’s about knowing the next step for you.
* It’s about having the knowledge and tools to take that next step confidently.

Yes, I’m obviously biased and tooting my own horn here, but if you have been struggling to figure out what to do in real estate investing, then I’d take a serious look at my programs. They are designed to take you from spinning your wheels to doing profitable deals. Hence the name: TRACTION.

It may be the only thing you want to focus on.

And you’ll get the personalized responses you need. Rather than just be ignored by yet another coaching program that is more about the selling than the success of its students.

Want help finding that clarity?

Signup for one of our Strategy Calls.

We’ll bring you through a specific process to get you clear. And yes, we’ll offer you one of our training programs if we think it’s a fit.

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