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Hungry-Hungry HIPPA

Curiosity abounds.

And many people have asked me, so I’ll tell you.

Asked me what, you say?

Asked me why my son had surgery yesterday.

In the hospital they are very careful to not reveal any personal information in front of other people. It’s a HIPPA thing. (the Health Insurance law that enforces patient privacy).

But I’m going to tell you anyway.

(You never know if this bit of knowledge will help someone out there).

He’s only 3 years old, but he had…

… a hernia!

It happens when a certain part of the male body doesn’t drop down on time, and therefore the hole it came down through didn’t fuse itself closed.

Not a big deal now, but it would be massively painful as a teenager if he got a hernia while playing sports.

And since 3 year olds tend to heal crazy-fast, it was recommended that we take action now.

So we did.

All is better now.

In fact, he is so much better that we’re having trouble keeping him calm and from not climbing on everything in sight!

He just doesn’t understand that his boo-boo needs to rest for a few days.

Many thanks to everyone who emailed me well-wishes for my son. I appreciate it.

After all, it’s good to know you have people in your corner ready to help you out, and it is good to know he has so many supporters praying for him!

Do you need someone in your corner who is ready to help you make profitable real estate deals?

I’m happy to help you.

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Tom Zeeb
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