How UNsure are you?

I’ve been on a kick lately.
(probably an annoying one for people around me…)

A kick that has me questioning everything I think I’m sure of — and instead focusing on how UNsure I am.

It’s an interesting test to see how it makes me think different and how it makes me see & consider choices differently.

It’s basically a game of opposites.

It isn’t just how *sure* you are of something.

It’s also how *unsure* you are (or aren’t as the case may be).

Yes, that seems illogical at first.

But start to pay attention to the decisions you make, and how confident you actually are about each one.

Then ask yourself, are you confident because you are sure it’s a sure-thing?

Or are you confident because you’re comfortable with what you are UN-SURE of?

As I’ve paid attention, I’ve noticed that I’m much more willing to move ahead as long as I have an idea of the downside risk.

And if that downside risk is manageable, then I take it.

Compare that to people who just go after a specific outcome because they think the risk is worth the reward.

They are missing half the equation.

And they might be — or not be — taking the shot because they aren’t even aware of the other side of things. This different way of looking at things helps clarify.

3 Examples:

— I asked my agent selling one of my rehabs about what he thought caused a buyer to cancel out. I pushed back hard in this negotiation, but I’m not sure that was what killed it. I had a suspicion that the buyer was using my place as a hedge. I wanted to see what he thought, but not by revealing my suspicion upfront, as that would taint his answer. I asked him and he had the same gut reaction to the deal.

— When I moved to an entirely different region of the country, I was comfortable with the decision because I’d had just been pretty much literally everywhere else on a giant coast-to-coast roadtrip, so the downside was minimized, as I wasn’t going in blind. And it wasn’t like I would wonder about what I was missing out on, as I’d just been pretty much everywhere else. This reduced my uncertainty, which made being certain of a major life change much easier.

— I’ve wholesaled and rehabbed enough houses that I wasn’t bothered by plunking down big bucks for a personal residence sight-unseen that I had never even seen the inside of — and didn’t until after settlement. The downside was handled by my experience and understanding of how photos and videos distort the actual size and feeling of a room. In fact, only one room surprised me with its actual size when I finally stood in it after settlement.

Think this concept through and I’m sure you can come up with some scenarios when thinking about the other side of the coin would have actually been more helpful.

If you’ve been stuck not getting any traction in your real estate investing business, then this type of thinking may help you unlock and move ahead.

Need some help figuring it all out?

If you want to build (or re-build) a real estate investing business to do rehabs, rentals or wholesales, then let’s figure out your plan and get you the clarity needed to proceed.

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