Wearing milk-bone underwear

Everyone is out for something.

They may be looking to help you.

Or they may be looking to screw you.

It’s a dog eat dog world out there, and you’re wearing milk-bone underwear.

Accept that, or you’ll live to regret it sooner or later.

So knowing how to read people is a critical business (and life) skill.

No matter what your business is, you simply have to deal with other people.

It’s unavoidable.

So you have learn to read, and yes, JUDGE people.

Good judgment is what you want to develop in yourself.

Here are my top 3 techniques to help you:

1. Observe how they treat the “little people”.

This is a great window into their true character.

I used to work at an Italian family restaurant.

I used to wash the dishes.

Make the salads.

And bus the tables.

I won’t say that I loved restaurant work, but it did teach me a lot.

But there was nothing quite like being treated like a total loser by a customer who thought they were just exponentially better than me.

They might have been on the other side of the table at the time, but things change.

The entry level employee just might be CEO someday.

So when I see that behavior now, having been on both sides, I know the type of person I’m dealing with.

2. Observe if they jump to conclusions.

Eat a meal with someone you are considering doing business with.

How they handle themselves at the meal will give you tons of insights into them.

And I’m not talking about just what they SAY — you need to watch what they DO.

The subtle little things are a window into their personal makeup.

For example, what about *when* someone decides to use the salt?

If they do it immediately the food arrives, and without tasting first, you can assume they jump to conclusions.

After all, if they haven’t tasted it yet, how do they know it actually NEEDS more salt?

One should season once one has bothered to at least taste it first.

This is subtle, but tells you something about the person you’re dealing with.

Better still…

3. Put a drink or two into someone and watch what happens.

When people are drinking, they usually start talking, and they don’t stop.

They say FAR more than they should be saying.

They get indiscreet.

Loose lipped.


Bad behavior for them.

All good data for you.

So yes, reading people is a great skill.

Useful in all walks of life.

As for the rest of the “how-tos'” of business…

That’s where my Rapid Cash Generator Bootcamp comes in.

You’ll learn all about how to do profitable real estate deals, as well as how to build a business correctly from the ground up.

This will require learning how to read people.

Don’t worry, we’ll practice this often and in fun and exciting ways.

Pass the salt please.

Details at:

Tom Zeeb
Traction Real Estate Mentors

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