How to profit from self-destruction

I’ve watched one of my service providers self-destruct.

Kinda sad to see.

But he just can’t handle the workflow and workload of his business.

This is a fairly standard entrepreneurial trap.

It happens because people don’t learn to work BOTH efficiently AND effectively.

Instead they just bang on like they always have and then try to rationalize why things have fallen apart.

In this case, he blames his clients.

They just can’t do anything right.


It’s his clients fault.

Not his.

Clearly that’s the case.


Blame always seems to get spread around rather than focused on the man in the mirror.

It’s easier that way.

Easier to play the blame game than to admit one just can’t hack it.

Face it, some people just aren’t cut out to be in business for themselves.

Because they won’t adapt to what it takes to service a client.

You may not like all the aspects of being in business, but some of them you just have to man-up and accept.

Take some bad with the good.

And then learn how to better automate, systematize, outsource, or flat-out mitigate the parts you don’t like.

But some degree of it will always be there.

That’s the part you have to accept.

Otherwise you’re better off just working for someone else and conforming to their systems and schedules. There’ll still be parts you don’t like, but chances are you’ll just push through since you have someone else to answer to. Might as well do that rather than self-destruct your business (and yourself) because you just can’t bear to deal with some normal business issues.

It’s probably too late for my service provider…

But it isn’t too late for you.

How to systematize your business and accentuate your strengths is the focus of a major part of my training at the Rapid Cash Generator Bootcamp.

This isn’t stuff you’ve come across before.

Because I don’t meet people who run things this way.

I teach the nitty-gritty of how I run multiple businesses on a daily basis.

I frequently travel all around the world and tell you many of the stories in my emails to you. Haven’t you ever wondered how it is possible to have that much time and money on one’s hands yet still keep business going and not miss a beat?

And how to do this all without starting to hate your business and going into self-destruct mode?

It is possible.

And it doesn’t have to be a burden.

You just have to know how to do things right.

But the way to do things right isn’t always self-evident.

Actually much of it is counter-intuitive.

That’s why most miss it.

You will be impressed with what you learn.

And it will help you in all aspects of your life, your job, or your business — whether you work for yourself, or work for someone else.

Just apply the simple concepts and techniques that I’m going to show you and you’ll actually get more time for yourself out of each and every day.

Time for friends.

Time for family.

And time for anything you please.

Join me here:

Tom Zeeb
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