How to Define Your Market

Here’s what it’s like to be at my Rapid Cash Generator Bootcamp.

Watch this video now and you’ll learn one of my frameworks for understanding your target market and developing your farm area.


Hey, it’s Tom Zeeb and I am here at the Rapid Cash Generator bootcamp.

Everyone wave and say hi (crowd says Hi).

Hey, how’s everyone doing this fine morning? (crowd says Great)

Good, and we are giving you a quick review of what we have learned yesterday and we had some very interesting frameworks.

So, what was this one over here? (Crowd says how to piss off a buyer)

How to piss off a buyer, yes, absolutely! So we hold nothing back.

And then we do the opposite which was (Crowd says wholesale package) The ultimate wholesale package. Which is how to do it right.

And what did we learn over here? (Crowd says buyer control)

Buyer control, everything you got to do to control a buyer.

Let’s see if we can walk through some other ones that we had, lots and lots and lots. How about this?

The people here got a lot out of this one.

Does this really make any sense? Not unless we explain it.

This represented what? (Crowd says the market)

The market, the notch in the middle represents the midpoint of the market, and we said up here which we labelled category A were what kinds of houses? (Crowd says mansions)

Mansions, absolutely. And then, down here? Warzones! (Crowd says warzones)

And then we have this giant space in-between which we call the middle of the market and the green circle for the lower middle of the market is where what we do as Rapid Cash Generators works best.

The sweet spot, absolutely.

So, it’s mostly category C, and one there’s some in category B, that is where you are gonna find really, really great deals.

So, that being said, we’re three days in. This is day number 3 and you’ve got a lot out of it? (Crowd says Yes)

Yes. And would you recommend people to come? Yes (Crowd says Yes).

And have you had some fun and some excitement? (Crowd says Yeah)

Cool, that is what we like to hear.

So, we’ll see you at the next Rapid Cash Generator Bootcamp. There is a link below, use it and sign up and we look forward to seeing you there. Bye!