How the stock market plunge affects us real estate investors

My answer?

It doesn’t.

Who cares.

I’m not in the stock market at all. And I don’t want to be.

Real estate is MUCH better.


1. Because, short of a dirty bomb going off in my target neighborhoods, there is no way I could lose all my value overnight from circumstances far beyond my control.

2. Because with real estate deals I can travel freely around the world and disappear for days or weeks at a time and not have to be nervously checking my stock portfolio to see if all my value has vanished like a thief in the night.

3. Because I have control over my real estate investments, I can make them more valuable by repairing them or increasing rents. With stocks I have no control what-so-ever.

4. Because I actually know what my true financial numbers are for a deal or for a cashflow property. Rather than having to trust a corporate annual report that is basically designed to make everything look rosy and rather than having to trust that a company is actually reporting their true numbers and actual financial situation. (Generally Accepted Accounting Principles “GAAP” actually make me laugh!)

So I stick to real estate deals.

I wholesale for Rapid Cash Generation.

Then I invest my profits in large apartment buildings or self-storage complexes.

(All of which other investors manage, as I only want to be a silent money investor. Don’t call me when a toilet breaks and I don’t want to deal with tenants at all.)

I sleep easy at night because I know that whatever tomorrow brings will not destroy my real estate portfolio.

Can anyone in the stock market say that? (Especially after the rollercoaster ride this week?)

That’s how I roll.

How do you want to roll?

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Use the initial cash you generate to solve your current problems, then once stable, start investing in any types of deals you choose for the long-term.

You’ll sleep better at night too.

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Tom Zeeb
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