How Do You Tell a Real Estate Guru From a Con Artist

To really “learn the ropes” of real estate investing, you’ve got to learn from people who have done it themselves.

That’s why Traction REIA brings in screened guest experts to teach.

But it probably won’t surprise you to learn that some “real estate experts” are more than a little shady. Their “classes” are all fluff, their methods are borderline illegal (maybe even a bit over the border), and they have the personal ethics of horse thieves.

QUESTION: How do you tell the difference between a real-life expert who can show you how to buy, sell, and rent your properties … and a scammer who can show you the quickest way to jail?

QUESTION: How do you tell the difference between a real estate legend who possesses deep knowledge of acquisition, negotiation, financing, and rehabbing … and a fly-by-night who’s “blowing smoke?”

QUESTION: How do you tell the difference between an experienced, honest teacher who is ready to give you the tools and the confidence to start completing deals … and a “guru” who’s just out to sell things to you?

ANSWER: You don’t need to. Because at Traction REIA, that’s a job WE take on.

* WE filter the list of experts we allow at our meetings.
* WE screen the guest speakers who are invited to address our group.
* And WE make sure that every person who teaches from our stage has tremendous knowledge to share — knowledge that you can put to real use in your own real estate business.

In fact, we have an actual blacklist of speakers who are persona-non-grata at Traction REIA.

Currently, there are 9 speakers on this list. These are people who:
    — have conducted themselves unethically,
— have products that don’t live up to their promises, or
— are simply “full of it”

We take the business of real estate education seriously, and we have no room for speakers who are “all hat and no cattle”.
When you come to Traction REIA, you can be confident knowing that you are getting real estate knowledge from speakers who know what they are talking about.

When we started out, we built our investing business by attending Traction REIA and by applying the techniques we learned from the gifted and knowledgeable speakers who shared their techniques with us.

When there was a speaker who inspired us, then we invested in that speaker’s ideas or system. It almost always paid off, as just one useful technique could produce many times more profits than the cost of the system.

But sometimes we would buy something random online and we got burned, as the product turned out to be junk, nothing more than a “brick in a box.”

This was always upsetting, and we always returned it. (We didn’t always get a refund though…)

Now that we’ve been organizing the education for Traction REIA for 13+ years, this is something we can do for YOU as a benefit of membership. We expose you to the best and the most knowledgeable speakers – and we protect you from the fraudulent speakers who sell nothing but junk.

There is no better method for learning the real estate investing business than to actively attend and participate in Traction REIA.

Everything you need comes together in one room: education, networking, and resources.

We thank you for being a part of Traction REIA. We are determined to bring you the absolute best real estate education.

And we mean business when we say “no scammers allowed.” Our blacklist proves that we don’t kid around. If you want to peddle garbage or teach shady, illegal tricks, then you’ll have to speak at another REIA.

Let us guide you, teach you, and lead you — all in an ethical and moral manner.

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To your success,
Tom & Carolina Zeeb
Traction REIA
Washington DC | Tampa | Sarasota | Online

Traction REIA:
12+ Year Recipient of the National REIA “Honors of Merit”
and the “Award of Excellence”
For Best Real Estate Investor Association!

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– David McGrady

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– Ryne Lambert

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