How Diana got from stuck to unstuck

A couple days ago I sent a message about one of my students feeling stuck, overwhelmed, and drowning in too many coaching programs.

Read it here if you missed it

Diana, my student who wrote it (and now says it’s okay to use her name), sent me this follow-up after seeing her own words used to inspire and UNSTUCK others:

“Hey Tom, I really appreciate that you took time out of your schedule to help me get clarity. I felt such a relief when I saw your message “Let’s get you unstuck.”

I flipped two houses before meeting you, however I had not one relationship with another real estate investor. When I joined Traction you were the first investor to reach out to me.  I consider when I joined Traction to be the real start of my real estate journey. You have been a genuine mentor to me. During our traction calls and training, I’m able to talk with you personally and ask questions. You’re always responsive to my emails offering direction.

As you know, I joined three other mentorships where I have not once spoken to or met any of the mentors themselves. I posted messages on their Facebook groups asking a question. No response. Then I directly messaged four different moderators of the page and still never got an answer. It’s like I’m invisible.

On one of your mentoring calls, I was trying to ask a question, but there was some sort of technical difficulty and I couldn’t. When you sent the recording of the call,  all I had to say to you is that I had five questions, and you, without hesitation replied asking to talk on the phone the very next morning to discuss.

I was thinking wow, he carved time out of his very next morning to do what true mentors do. During that call, you quickly noticed how complicated and difficult I was making it for myself. The feedback you gave not only brought clarity, but also simplified the process of my approach and will save me a bunch of money on developing raw land.

I’d love you to send this message out to other investors. Maybe the cost of my confusion can benefit someone else who’s chasing shiny objects —by the mentoring you legitimately provide. Again, thank you so much for your support, responsiveness, and direction. Now, it’s time for me to find another house to build!

I’ll talk to you soon. (Wow, I actually said that to the mentor himself, who knew?)

Thank you Tom. You’re the real deal. And I think I paid for enough mentorships to feel like I have some credibility on the matter. I appreciate you.”

Tons of great value in what she had to say.

Read it again and reflect on your own situation and where you are stuck.

Then think of what it will take to get you unstuck.

If you think I can help you get unstuck and moving, then we should talk.

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This isn’t free coaching. It’s a specific process we bring you through to see where you’re stuck and determine if working together could get you unstuck.

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