How accurate were my 2017 predictions so far?

Back on December 2nd of last year (2016), I put out some predictions I thought would happen this year (2017). I’ll have my next round of 2018 predictions out to you soon. But let’s check in to see how my last round are stacking up…

“The machine of the American economy will become super well-oiled and start to buzz like it hasn’t since the 1980s.”

Judging by our current growth of over 3% and the massive stock market gains of the past year, this accurate prediction is well underway.

Isn’t it interesting that just a couple years ago we were told that even a “meager” 3% growth would never happen again in this country.

That was simply wrong.

And we’ve only yet begun to recover, so the sky is still the limit.

America is ready to shatter all economic records.

“Taxes will get a whole heck of a lot better for everyone, not just small businesses.”

This one should have happened earlier in the year, but is just nudging through now.

The bill that just passed is decent, but could have been sooooo much better.

All this nonsense about cuts needing to be offset…

Heaven forbid the government actually trim back or learn to not spend more than it makes (which is what the rest of us have no choice but to do).

Besides, cutting taxes puts more money in everyone’s pockets, especially entrepreneurs and small businesses, and they then go and grow and expand and hire more people, which creates more taxpayers and therefore produces more taxes.

This has been proven before.

But it is regularly denied so that certain ideologies can continue to sell their garbage ideals.

“The government will start to shrink in size.”

This is on the cards now, but hasn’t gotten enough traction yet.

In terms of reduced regulation, it’s coming along nicely. But actual size reduction is still too far in its infancy.

Alas, the swamp needs to get with the program. (Yes, that term wound up being a very accurate description.)

It’s like the whole city of DC is convulsing at the thought of trimming down to an appropriate size.

Everyone here thinks their bloat is justified.

That their department is mission critical and can do no wrong.

That they know better because “their experience is in government”.

Meanwhile the rest of the country is trying not to collapse further from the wanton overspending.

I remain confident that the process will continue to gain momentum.

“Most “conventional wisdom” will be shown to be false.”

Oh yeah baby!

This one hit the nail on the head perfectly.

The amount of flat-out lying to people has been exposed.

Especially in the news media.

And they have next to no credibility left.

Not to mention Hollywood.

Everything everyone thought they knew has now been shattered.


Really sad.

Especially when you realize how much pull and influence they have had on everyone, especially our children, throughout the years.

“Real estate entrepreneurs like us will have our best year ever.”

I did.

Did you?

It’s been a matter of keeping my outbound marketing consistent and knowing what to do when different types of deals land on my plate.


I’m prepared for anything.

Are you?

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