Homework pays off

There is a terrific mother-daughter team that attends my Rapid Cash Generator Bootcamp.

At the last bootcamp, I gave everyone a “homework” assignment to do during breaks and after the event the 1st day.

Dawne & Soraya went and did the homework immediately and got a very LIVE lead to work on.

They were able to work on the lead through the event and get my feedback and advice as they went.

Then they actually got it under contract and closed on it.

That’s homework that pays off!
(If only school homework had been as valuable…)

Here’s what they told me afterwards:

“We completely gutted it and will rent it out for $1600 a month.

At that rate of return, we’ll have all of our initial investment back in just over 4 years. It’s really a good deal.

We’ve actually bought 4 properties since the boot camp – They’re all keepers.


So my Rapid Cash Generator works for buy-and-hold properties too?


I usually take the Wholesale exit strategy, but you can do whatever works best for you.

After all, my focus is on FIND the Deal, MAKE the Deal, and GET PAID.

And you have to do those 3 steps no matter if you choose wholesaling, rehabbing, landlording, apartments, commercial, etc.

I’ll make you better at all of them.

No matter what your exit strategy is.

The next Bootcamp is on June 1st, 2nd, & 3rd.
I’ll be giving more homework, and I expect it done.
(It just might turn into a deal for you too…)

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