Shutting down to start up

Sooner or later I knew this question would get sent to me:

“Tom, you’ve been oddly quiet about the government shutdown. It isn’t like you to shy away from a political comment or controversy. I’m surprised. What gives?”


Okay. I’ll bite.

It’s simply irresponsible to not produce a budget for 5 years.

We aren’t supposed to just pass Continuing Resolutions every year.

That’s not the way it works.

We should have a proper budget.

(The fact that it is a bloated budget for a bloated government that needs to be massively cut is an argument for another day).

And it is misleading and wrong for the administration to try and blame their opposition for a problem they have created in their endless tactics to avoid any blame or responsibility.

There simply needs to be a budget.

Especially when they are legally obligated to produce one.

If you did that in your business or even personal life, you wouldn’t last long.

And yet many people do just fly by the seat of their pants.

They go along to get along and have no real idea of what they are spending or why.

Time to get a grip, kids.

In the real estate business (or any business for that matter) you need to know your financial books.

* How much have you made?

* What are your expenses?

* What’s left over for profit?

* How did that match up to your projections?

If you don’t know that, then how do you know if you are a success or failure?

You wouldn’t drive blindfolded, would you?

And yet you continue to try and operate your business with no budget.

Just because the government can do it doesn’t mean that you can (or should).

They can print money to fake their way out of trouble.

You can’t.

You actually have to earn it.

I know quite a few people directly affected by this shutdown (hard not to living in DC).

Many of them are taking it as an opportunity.

* An opportunity to reconnect with their kids and spouses.

* An opportunity to finally read a long-neglected book.

* And yes, an opportunity to put some time into building their own independent business.

To finally become the real estate entrepreneur they’ve dreamt of being.

And to be free from the rollercoaster ride of living life at the mercy of other people’s whims, demands, and shutdowns.

If this shutdown becomes the catalyst for them to finally break-free and follow their dreams, then it’s yet another good thing that will come from it.

Remember, the world didn’t stop turning just because selected parts of the bloated US Government “shut down”.

But YOU might have been re-awakened to the world of possibilities — and opportunities — that are out there for you through your own real estate business.

If you feel that sense inside of you… if this speaks to you… connects with you deeply… but you don’t know what to do next, then I have the solution.

Come spend 2 days with me exploring the ins-and-outs of building, running, growing, and maintaining an independent real estate investing business.

After this event you’ll know if it is something you are actually interested in pursuing.

(And if a real estate business isn’t for you, then that’s okay too. At least now you’ll know, which frees your mind to move on to other things.)

If it is for you, then you’ll know how to pursue it.

How to take the necessary actions.

Step-by-step and move-by-move.

And yes, how to PROFIT handsomely from all of it.

Grab your seat now.

Beat the shutdown and start-up here:

Tom Zeeb
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