Getting a Proof of “Fun” letter

Real estate investors are familiar with Proof of Funds letters.

We get asked for them constantly.

It’s an annoying formality of making offers, especially if the property is listed.

Sometimes you can’t even play the ‘offer game’ unless you present this letter first.

The seller wants to see it so they know you actually have the funds to buy their property.

Which got me to thinking about a different angle on business and life.

What if you needed a Proof of FUN letter to go out and enjoy life?

Would you wait around for someone to tell you something is fun to do, or would you just go out and discover for yourself if you actually like it?

If something wasn’t working out and you weren’t enjoying it, then you would just correct course.

Move on to better options.

And let the good times roll.

Anyway, why am I telling you about this?

Because Alan Cowgill’s “Private Lending Made Easy!” presentations are next week at Traction REIA.

Yes, Alan sells something (at the end). But you’re silly not to attend and learn all the awesome free info he’ll give away too — especially if you are a real estate investor who needs more moolah to do your deals.

The techniques he teaches work in any state, no matter where you are.

And the free tips alone can get you lots of private lenders.

Private lenders you can use to fund your deals.

This can make things much easier for you.

Especially when it comes to having proof of funds.

But hey, it’s your call.

If you want to struggle finding the funding for your deals, be my guest.

On the other hand…

If you want to make Raising Private Money Easy, then check out:

#1.  Traction REIA Main Monthly Meeting
TOPIC:  “Private Money Made Easy” with Alan Cowgill

Thursday May 18th at the Sheraton Tysons Corner.

RSVP here:

#2.  Training Event with Alan Cowgill
TOPIC: “Private Lending with Family, Friends, Associates & Strangers (with full SEC Compliance)”

Saturday May 20th at the Sheraton Tysons Corner. Get more info at:

Tom Zeeb
Traction Real Estate Mentors

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