Getting a consistent flow of clients

Many of the best experts, consultants, coaches and professionals, who have a genuine interest in helping their clients, have the hardest time attracting a steady, consistent, predictable flow of ideal clients.

When you talk about what you do, does your ideal client become less interested or more?

Join us on Thursday May 29th and you’ll craft a simple, compelling message that will make you an object of interest to your ideal client.

At this event you’ll learn:
* How to connect with your ideal clients,
* How to build your own “Pied Piper Funnel” of qualified prospects,
* How to write and speak to get a response,
* How to eliminate to dominate — Do less marketing and watch it add up to more.

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Tom Zeeb

P.S. — This is not specifically for only real estate investors. If you have a different type of business or profession and need to find more clients, then this event is perfect for you.

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