The opposite of what you are tolerating is what you want

2015 is almost over.

If you haven’t done a deal or started fully on your real estate investing path to success…

Why not?

Back in January you set lofty goals.

But then the excuses started.

And the results didn’t get achieved.

A mentor of mine likes to say that “the opposite of what you are tolerating is what you want”.

Think about that one. (It’s profound.)

What are you tolerating?

And what do you really want?

Are you tolerating:
* insufficient income?
* lack of personal freedom?
* destructive personal relationships?
* no control over your time?
* frustration at how to get started on your own?
* inconsistent results?
The list goes on & on…

Back in January I taught my 1-day Rapid Cash Generator MasterClass.

Some told me that they couldn’t make my 1-day training because of a silly excuse.

Now it’s November and you still haven’t started your real estate investing business.

Waiting for next time doesn’t move you ahead, does it?

I’ve added a final 2015 MasterClass this Sunday.

The excuses didn’t get you any farther, so now it’s time to clear your calendar and be at the class.

What are you tolerating?

What do you really want?

And when will you finally take the steps necessary to make the changes that need to happen?

Now has to finally be the time.

Take the first step here:

Tom Zeeb
Traction Real Estate Mentors