Free is costing you money

Let me tell you another story…

This one is about when I was starting out in business for myself.

Yes, money was tight.

So I didn’t want to spend my reserves.

After all, it would only last so long since I didn’t have any new business coming in yet.

And no new business = No new funds in the bank.

Not a great situation to be in, as the lack of “staying power” keeps you from doing the marketing that it takes to start bringing in deals.

Real deals that would produce real profits.

Profits that would solve all my problems.

But to spend that money on marketing would mean I wouldn’t last very long financially, so I didn’t spend what I needed to.

And the vicious cycle continued.

Not a great way to get started.

My answer?

To focus on the free material that I could piece together from various internet sources.

Did this work?


Because the internet is full of a bunch of junk information that may sound good on the surface, but it doesn’t add up to a consistent and coherent system. So there is no true path to follow.

Plus, when you get something for free, you just don’t value it the same.

Since I didn’t actually pay for it, I subconsciously didn’t value it either. And when you don’t value something, you tend not to follow through on it.

I’ve watched people try this way for years, but it just doesn’t work and winds up costing more in the end.

(Not to mention the value of all that wasted time).


Because free information is never totally complete.

And it certainly doesn’t provide any personalized support for those critical unique circumstances that pop up on every single deal.

Unique circumstances that need to be answered with specificity for the deal to actually go through to profitable completion.

When I finally gave up on free advice and just invested in a proper system, I finally got my first profitable deal and then just kept rolling from there.

If I wouldn’t have spent the money, I wouldn’t have made the money.

That’s why cheap is ALWAYS more expensive.

And few people ever get rich by being cheap.

The key is to recognize the difference between an expense and an investment.

No one likes expenses, but if it is actually an investment in yourself, your systems, and your business, then it is something that will pay you back handsomely in the future.

You just need to stick with it and actually do it.

One thing that’s not cheap is my Rapid Cash Generator Bootcamp.

It’s quite pricey, actually.

And there are lots of reasons for that.

One of which is I don’t cater to cheap people.

I’d rather cater to those really serious about success.

Those who want to become REAL real estate investors.

And, yes, REAL business people.

(Not wannabe spectators).

If you think you got right stuff, go to:

And when you go to that page, you’ll meet many of my successful graduates who both have the right stuff and made the right choice to get my training.

Tom Zeeb
Traction Real Estate Mentors

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